Advertising Effectiveness in Short- & Long-Term Strategies

  The goals of advertising, Sales Activation and Awareness Building, are valuable in both the short and long-term. Sales Activation generates short-term sales uplifts:  Targets people looking to purchase on the spot. Aims to trigger a purchase impulse. Does not build long-term growth and loyalty towards a company’s product/service. Awareness Building promotes long-term sales growth: Targets…

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advertising mistakes

Four Common Advertising Mistakes to Avoid

Growth comes from reflecting on both successes and failures. Below are the four most common advertising mistakes to avoid. Don’t wait to share news about your company, product, service. Communicating news is a prime opportunity to grab attention and motivate consumers. Research shows that news is strongly correlated to purchase intent. When you have news,…

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Keeping Up With Advertising Trends

Keeping Up with Advertising Trends Can Help Businesses Make and Save Money Marketing has no finish line – its process must constantly be monitored, refined and adapted to changing trends.  Below are some marketing trends impacting the cost and effectiveness of today’s advertising campaigns: Television People are spending less time in front of traditional TVs. Numerous…

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Recent Advertising Trends

      RECENT ADVERTISING TRENDS “The exceptionally strong growth for digital place-based media reflects a movement toward … media planning in what is rapidly becoming a ‘video everywhere world’.” ~ Barry Frey, President & CEO, DPAA   U.S. Digital Place-Based Advertising: Ranked #1 in growth among other media. Grew by 14.3% for first half…

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7 Ways to Build Your Online Presence

Online presence is the sum of all your personal and business identities ― website, online communities, social media ― and allows people to find, like, trust, get to know, and interact with you.  Following are seven ways to help build your online presence. Strategize: What are your goals? Write down your long- and short-term business goals…

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Setting a Marketing Budget That Fits Your Business Goals

Setting a Marketing Budget That Fits Your Business Goals Marketing is essential to the profitability and growth of small businesses.  The following tips can help determine how much money should be allocated to marketing and how to spend it wisely: Œ CALCULATING YOUR MARKETING BUDGET Small businesses with revenues less than $5 million and margins in…

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out of home digital signage - motor vehicle network

Out-of-Home Advertising Tops All Media In Connecting With Consumers Near Point of Purchase

Ad dollars spent in out-of-home (OOH) advertising, which includes digital signage found in motor vehicle offices, “positively impact purchase behavior,” according to Jim Spaeth of RealityMine, who conducted a recent study. The report determined… “Consumers… rarely leave home without their trusted mobile devices. OOH’s reach, interactive capabilities, and captivating messaging move the consumer to reach…

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media mix for effective marketing

The Right Media Mix is Essential for Effective Marketing

The Right Media Mix is Essential for Effective Marketing With the growing importance of digital, even businesses with modest marketing budgets need to review and potentially adjust how they allocate their media dollars. In April 2015, Millward Brown Digital conducted a study about the marketing mix choices among leading U.S. marketing executives. Following are highlights: The…

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How Google’s Update Will Affect Your Business’ Search Ranking

Recent changes in Google’s search rankings make it imperative for business owners to test their website for mobile-friendliness or risk seeing their business search ranking decline. On April 21, 2015, Google released a new mobile-friendly ranking algorithm that aims to punish websites that are not mobile friendly to a lower search ranking. Given that currently…

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Boosting Your Online Presence Increases Customer Engagement

Online Presence is Essential in Today’s Digital Media Age. Below are three steps for creating websites with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – web pages that are search engine and user friendly: Emphasize Text and Not Graphics Classify pages by text rather than images: an opening page with a picture and two words saying “enter here”…

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