The Motor Vehicle Network (MVN) strategically places high-definition flat screen TVs in DMV waiting areas to inform and entertain customers. Our visual communication techniques are unequaled and continue to evolve through input from television networks and by conducting independent surveys of DMV customers. Not only can customers view advertisements from sponsors; they can also view up-to-date news, live traffic reports, weather, automotive tips, special features and more. This content reaches the customers in “real time” and is created in house by our News & Production Department.

Benefits & Features

Because each DMV office has its own distinctive features, there is no set formula for the technical aspects of our product and service. For states, this translates into a customized communications network managed by a company proven to deliver high quality products.

For States, the benefits a partnership with MVN include:

  • Reduces the customer anxiety level. This results in a friendlier customer-to-staff experience, potentially increasing the speed of service and reducing transaction time.
  • Leaves a positive perception of the customer’s overall experience of service and perception of the state organization.
  • Live reports transmitted directly from the state to the customer created by our in-house production department, ensuring timely and accurate content.
  • Through sponsorship underwriting, eligible states receive our service at absolutely no cost.


Program Content

Unlike standard wire service news-feeds designed for the general public, MVN’s news and entertainment features are created and updated throughout the day. Our customized content assures our State partners that there is never inappropriate subject matter. Our in-house Production Department is available to edit any State video content and create DMV specific messages.

Additionally, our software allows for customized office procedure information, emergency and/or Homeland Security announcements and public service information in both English and Foreign languages.

As a result of our extensive experience establishing partnerships with State Department Motor Vehicle Agencies, we recognize the importance of maintaining control over all content that is viewed by your customers. State officials reserve the right to approve any sponsor, sponsorship messages and/or program content.


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