Sometimes the smallest touch points affect a consumer the most on the path to purchase.

When measuring the results of advertising, not all marketing efforts get credit since results are not always measurable. Sometimes the smallest understated touch points affect a consumer the most on the path to purchase.

We found you online.
The internet is today’s Yellow Pages – it’s where consumers go when ready to make a purchase, so it often gets all the credit for making the sale.

  • Customers who “find you online” are likely influenced by other marketing factors first, so resist investing all of your marketing dollars online.
  • Other influences result in the name of a company/product/service “jumping out” to the consumer searching for information.

It takes five touch points to internalize a marketing message.
Cultivating awareness takes approximately five touch points – the interactions between your audience and raising awareness of a company/product/service:

  • These touch points can include any combination of media: direct mail, company sign, TV, business card, radio, newspaper, Chamber of Commerce literature, place-based network (ex.: gas station, DMV, elevator), word-of-mouth, etc.
  • The key is that none of these can work on their own. A “media mix” delivers the best results and internalizes a marketing message.

Trust your intuition.
Advertisers should re-examine measurability and not be afraid to use intuition. Although certain touch points do not always get proper credit for final “purchasing” activity, they are critical to getting the word out.

Source: Media Strategies Inc.