Every business day, citizens are required to wait in line at local DMV offices in order to acquire necessary legal documents. The process can require a wait time of up to one hour or more. During this waiting period, your ad can be viewed multiple times, allowing for the highest possible exposure for your brand.


Unique Attentive Audience

“It’s the place in place-based media that is of primary importance to the marketer. The ability to connect with a community in a specific location and own the space.”Mitch Oscar. EVP, Carat N. America

Because of the continuous achievements in digital production and Internet communications, place-based media is experiencing an exponential growth in value.  The ever changing lifestyles of consumers have produced the need for this different approach towards advertising; Americans have nearly tripled the time spent outside of homes and work places.

By targeting an audience during waiting periods within DMVs, MVN ensures that the attention remains specifically on advertisements not only as a form of information but also entertainment exclusive to MVN sponsors.

Benefits & Features

MVN uses High Definition (HD) televisions to broadcast individual commercials targeted towards DMV customers. Your customized advertisement will reach millions of potential customers as they wait at DMV offices across the country. Through specialized digital signage, MVN creates and facilitates a heightened awareness of brands, services or products to potential customers. Sponsors enjoy the benefits of advertising to a self-direct, engaged and captive audience.

MVN Sponsors will also benefit from:

  • Exclusivity within a clutter-free and unique advertising environment
  • The ability to reach new residents
  • State-of-the-art customer addressable voice to the community

Program Content

MVN recognizes that each business has a unique brand and product meant to be showcased. Our innovative marketing consultants will connect with you and discover what your customized advertisement will include; our skilled in-house production staff will then create a distinct, professional and attention-grabbing 30 second commercial catered to your business.

MVN has experience creating targeted advertisements in multiple areas, some of which include:

• Automotive • Medical • Restaurants
• Retail • Insurance • And Much More!





After years of establishing partnerships with sponsors, MVN acknowledges that many brands may already have a specific vision in mind. Sponsors can also supply their own advertisements and our in-house production staff will tailor it to fit our technical specifications—at no additional cost.

It is important that the final advertisement be held in the highest regard and approved by you before it broadcasts live. MVN will only produce advertisements that both we and our client can be proud of.

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