Over 25 years ago, Motor Vehicle Network (MVN) was founded by Richard Savage. With 22 years experience working with the American Broadcasting Company as President of ABC-TV Spot Sales and Vice President of ABC Television Network, Savage created MVN to become the leading provider of customized and exclusive information and entertainment to DMV customers waiting for service.

Viewed in high-definition on flat screen TVs, MVN serves as a communication tool between DMV headquarters and their customers. With messages designed to expedite transaction time and thus shorten lines, MVN helps DMVs promote current safety/state initiatives, changes to regulations, and explain office procedures.

What started as a small company quickly expedited into a unique and highly sought after form of advertising. With three decades of working exclusively with DMVs nationwide, now totaling over 1,000 locations, Savage has succeeded in earning MVN an outstanding reputation within DMV headquarters.

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