uparrowIt’s important to stay ahead of emerging marketing channels to grow your business. Following are eight marketing growth
strategies to help your business succeed in 2017.

  1. Mobile-Centric is the name of the game:
    Mobile Apps. Get a mobile app, using affordable DIY app builders, such as GoodBarber, BiznessApp, etc.
    Mobile Payment Services. Offer mobile pay options, such as Apple Pay and Google Wallet, which enable customers to pay with a simple tap on their mobile device.
  2. Social advertising, e-mail, customer loyalty help with acquisition, retention, and sales:
    Social Media. Be reactive. Monitor conversations about your business, and contribute with valuable content.
    E-mail Marketing. Send out sale/event notifications and relevant, helpful information (DIY guides, links to blogs, industry news, etc.). Ensure your e-mails are mobile-friendly.
    Customer Loyalty Programs. Loyalty programs give customers exclusive perks, create a personalized experience, and help turn a one-time customer into a loyal advocate.
  3. Online presence helps businesses grow 40% faster*:
    Create a Google My Business account, and take control of your business information (hours of operation, address, phone number, website, etc.).
  4. Publish a blog to make announcements and show you’re an expert in your field:
    Post at least one blog per week. Consider “video content” — 60% of consumers prefer to watch content, instead of reading it.
  5. Do keyword research for Search Engine Optimization (SEO)**:
    Keyword research tools (such as WordStream’s Free Keyword Tool, Google’s Keyword Planner, etc.) examine words/phrases consumers use when searching for products/services.
  6. Be different:
    Stand out from the crowd. Show everyone why your business is head-and-shoulders above everyone else.
  7. Survey, listen, learn and look for feedback from your customers:
    Offer a discount to e-mail subscribers who complete a survey. Have surveys at your place of business; have customers complete a survey on a phone/tablet to get a discount before purchasing.
  8. Leverage local presence:
    Be active on LinkedIn. Join chat groups/forums; sponsor events; utilize local advertising/marketing venues.

*According to BCG Report, The Connected World,
**SEO: tactics used to obtain higher placements on the results pages of search engines to increase visits to websites.

Source: Jenny Beightol-Belly LinkedIn; Andrew Gazdecki-smallbiztrends; Mary Lister-Wordstream