3 Phases for Creating a Strong Brand Identity

A strong brand communicates what your business does, while establishing trust, credibility, awareness and loyalty with consumers.

 “Small business owners who think big, who think about growth, who think for scale … understand that branding is important and invest in their brands.”  — Ramon Ray, entrepreneur/speaker/author/small business expert

What is a Brand?

A brand is the sum total of the experience your customers have with your business:

  • Brand: How your business is perceived via your website, marketing materials, social media, etc.
  • Branding: The process of developing a unique name, custom logo/design and advertising.
  • Brand Identity: Unifies the visual elements, for consistency in appearance, use, scope, color, feel, etc.

How do You Build an Effective Brand Strategy?

A brand strategy is how you build, shape, share your business’ perception with consumers:


  • Core identity: Evaluate your Vision (why your business exists), Mission (what your business does) and Values (the beliefs that guide your actions).
  • Perception: Understand how your business connects with customers by evaluating brand reputation, awareness, equity, positioning and delivery.
  • Market research: Pinpoint your target customers and your competitors to establish where your company is positioned in your industry.


  • Brand positioning: Articulate how you differ in the marketplace from your competitors.
  • Unique selling proposition (USP): Define your USP – what your business stands for and offers.
  • Brand identity assets: Clarify your brand’s identity (colors, typography, shapes, etc.); develop the creative elements that give it life (logo, website, packaging, brochures, etc.).


  • Brand style guide: Create a set of rules to publish/ present/promote content for your brand.
  • Define the visual experience: Choose colors, imagery and fonts that reflect your brand.
  • Be consistent: Consistent, strategic branding allows you to grow brand equity, enabling customers to interpret your brand as having higher value.

Brand identity is an effective way to gain a competitive edge in an increasingly crowded marketplace. 

Source:  SmartBrief, reported by Ross Kimbarovsky (founder/CEO at crowdspring and Startup Foundry)