Consumers Don’t Mind Ads in the Right Context

“Advertising has a beneficial impact on the economy and consumers recognize that it makes their lives better in many ways, from keeping them informed to supporting the ‘free’ content they consume.” ~ Laura Simpson, Global Director, McCann Truth Central In a recent study, when American consumers were asked about their views of advertising, a positive…

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Motor Vehicle Network customer trust

Maintaining Customer Trust

Five Thoughts About Customer Service … After They Buy From You! Reassuring customers that they made the right buying decision builds a strong link of trust between you and your clients. Provide and Promote Follow-up Request feedback on your service; make improvements if necessary. Provide information about exclusive upgrades and relevant add-ons. People Love Folks…

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How to Grow Your Business Using Word-of-Mouth Strategies

Studies show that word-of-mouth (WOM) continues to be a powerful marketing tool. Research indicates 83% of consumers trust the recommendations of friends/family, 92% trust feedback from others (including strangers) and 20-50% of all purchases are influenced by WOM¹.  Here are some proven word-of-mouth strategies that can help grow your business: Encourage user-generated content. “Hashtag marketing” helps boost positive…

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