Valuable Marketing Statistics and Trends

Marketing statistics can help make your strategies as data-driven as possible.

Various statistics often offer valuable insights into what it takes to effectively market a product or service.
Following are some current illuminating and useful marketing trends.
1. Social Media
Social media plays a key role in acquiring new consumers and keeping existing ones happy:
  • Virtually all small businesses use social media as a marketing tool. (1)
  • Nearly 75% of consumers use social media to guide purchasing decisions. (2)
  • Almost half of small businesses rely on social media to generate brand awareness and to drive revenue. (3)
  • Customers who engage with businesses on social media spend up to 40% more in the long run and demonstrate a stronger commitment. (4)
2. Search Engine Optimization
Ensuring SEO best practices will help make the most of consumers’ search engine research habits:
  • More than three-quarters of consumers research online before making a purchase. (5)
  • About 75% of local-intent mobile searches result in online store visits within 24 hours, with 30% ending in a purchase. (6)
  • Almost half of Google searches have local intent. (1)
  • Prior online research by shoppers leads to 13% greater in-store spending and 23% more repeat visits to businesses. (7)
3. Websites
Websites provide valuable information – business hours, addresses, phone numbers, etc. – and make in-store shopping easier:
  • Almost 95% of business owners believe a website is an effective digital marketing strategy. (8)
  • Over 90% of customers report visiting a business because of an online experience. (1)
  • Nearly two-thirds of small businesses have a website. (1)
  • Websites rank second as a small business marketing tool with 51% use (email is first at 54%).
4. Reviews
Ask customers to review your business and do not let any review, positive or negative, go unanswered.
  • More than 90% of online consumer reviews are positive. (9)
  • Of the 81% of consumers who research online before purchasing, over half are consulting reviews as one of their sources. (10)
  • The top two channels for customer research are online reviews at 55% and company websites at 47%. (9)
  • Just over 40% of brick-and-mortar buyers read reviews before making a purchase. (10)
Consider these marketing statistics as you move forward so that your strategies can be as data-driven as possible.
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