Top Elements of the Customer Experience

A positive customer experience can prompt buyers to purchase more, as well as recommend and trust a business.  A recent study shows that three-quarters of marketers are making it a priority to retain customers and improve client service.  Following are key findings:

The Top Elements of Customer Experience:

Businesses consider these characteristics critical to brand success:

  • The majority rank user experience as an essential element.
  • Three-quarters rate customer perception of and connection to the brand.
  • Six-in-ten site personalization across channels, including website and digital interactions.

Steps to Improve Business Performance:

Successful strategies to improve business performance and become leaders include:

  • Make successful changes to product/service offerings.
  • Implement purpose-led initiatives: Research¹ shows that consumers have a more positive image of and are more likely to trust purpose-led companies.
  • Adjust messaging to be more authentic, compassionate and transparent.

The Future of Customer Experience:

Businesses look ahead to gain a sustainable, long-term competitive edge:

  • Create a new content focus and generate experiences.
  • Apply personalization and ease for the customer at every digital touchpoint.
  • Implement a 360-degree, data-driven view of customers: Your customer data in one place, including contact info, purchasing data, customer service interactions and social media behavior.²

The importance of making the customer experience a priority is clear.   Leading brands effectively employ best practices to deliver positive product/service experiences.

Source:  MarketingCharts; Designit study; ¹Porter Novelli’s Implicit Association Study; ²360-degree definition: