The Media Mix Guide for Brand Advertising

Media mix, the blend of channels a business uses to reach its audience, helps target prospective customers on the consumer journey and guide them through to conversion. Following are steps to help create the right media mix.

1. Consider your Media Mix Goals
Determine your primary media objectives:

  • Startups should focus on building awareness, while established brands should focus on reaching consumers who are ready to buy.
  • Set goals – to increase awareness, generate leads, drive sales, build loyalty, etc. – which helps determine who to target.*

2. Think about the Marketing Funnel
Media channels are effective at different points of the consumer journey:

  • Examine which media types can influence awareness, interest, decision-making, loyalty, etc., and connect them to create pathways to conversion.
  • Use consistent messaging themes/design across your media mix to help build brand recognition, nurture trust and reinforce your message.

3. Analyze your Audience
A media mix depends on the demographics and preferences of your target market:

  • Identify your target audience and understand their media behaviors.*
  • Run surveys, send out questionnaires and conduct interviews to help highlight new channels, see what’s working for your competitors, etc.

4. Bring your Media Channels Together
The channels in your media mix are more impactful when they work together:

  • Connecting different channels and data sources presents your audience with consistent messaging.
  • Implementing a comprehensive omnichannel strategy helps to link your media and provide targeted marketing messages.

An effective media mix can help achieve brand awareness and communication with your target audience. It is an essential part of reaching the right people at the right time and is key to driving conversions.; *