The Importance of Long-Term Brand Marketing

Studies show brands help maintain their success when they continually advertise and promote the right message to the right people at the right time.
Following are findings from a recent study:

“Brands that play the long game through all cycles have the best odds for success.”

Maintain ad spending, ad quality and brand building over the long-term:
  • Businesses that cut ad spending when competitors maintain, or increase it, historically lose market share: on average, a brand loses nearly 15% of its market if a competitor doubles its marketing investments.
  • Long-term awareness and branding is typically most effective in generating loyal customers.
  • Focusing on the quality of the creative messaging plays an important role, contributing an estimated two-thirds of the impact of ad campaigns.
  • Targeted media is on the rise: 75% of all media options, up from 55%.
Understand who your customer is and stay in tune with their behavior:
  • Focus on value and innovation to appeal to various consumer segments.
  • Targeting and audience segmenting is important: different customer segments often require different messaging that best resonates with them.
  • Loyalty programs can help businesses remain the customer’s brand of choice; the key is to make it simple to collect the rewards.
  • Defend your market share by focusing on customer wants and needs and reminding them why they love your brand.
The report’s bottom line is clear:  brands that play the long game through all cycles have the best odds for success.  Long-term marketing helps build up your company’s strength, reliability, and market share.
Source:  Media Daily News, MediaPost, reported by Joe Mandese and Maria Topken; Report by Analytic Partners; Forbes;