A recent study has shown consumer perception of ads and brands is influenced by the quality of an environment. Following are key findings about how context and sentiment are impacting the digital advertising landscape:

The digital advertising landscape is shifting, and one factor is clear: context is critical. Research shows that connecting with the right consumers, in the right places, is integral to a brand’s perception.

1) Context is important to consumers:
  • More than 70% say that content impacts their perception of ads.
  • The majority find it important that advertising and content are compatible.
2) Ad environment impacts consumer brand perceptions:
  • Consumer perception of a brand is either negatively or positively impacted by content.
  • Over half are more likely to remember, and 56% have a more favorable opinion of, ads displayed in a suitable environment.
3) Content with positive/neutral sentiments create a lasting impact among consumers:
  • Over 70% of consumers agree that content sentiment impacts their feeling towards brands.
  • Ads within positive/neutral content score best compared to the overall average.
Source:  Study by Integral Ad Science (IAS); reported by Marketingcharts.com