Marketers Set Their Sights on Brand Awareness

According to a recent Nielsen study, driving brand awareness has never been more important:  marketing accounts for 10% to 35% of a brand’s equity and marketers state that building brand awareness is a top priority.  Following are key findings:


Brand awareness is ranked as the most important objective for businesses, followed by customer acquisition and retention:


Brand awareness tops the list of important marketing metrics and correlates with an increase in sales:

  • Two-thirds of marketers rank brand awareness as the first important marketing metric, followed by engagement* and marketing mix modeling.
  • A 1-point gain in brand metrics, such as awareness and consideration, drives a 1% increase in sales.

Today, amid media fragmentation, brands need to leverage an array of channels to reach the widest audiences, and marketers are increasingly more interested in driving brand awareness.

*Engagement:  e.g. time spent, video views, clicks, etc.

Source:; Nielsen’s 5th Global Annual Marketing Report