Five Thoughts About Customer Service …

After They Buy From You!

Motor Vehicle Network customer trust
Reassuring customers that they made the right buying decision builds a strong link of trust between you and your clients.

  • Provide and Promote Follow-up
    • Request feedback on your service; make improvements if necessary.
    • Provide information about exclusive upgrades and relevant add-ons.
  • People Love Folks Getting Back to Them Quickly
    • Acknowledge customers’ inquiries as soon as possible.
    • Make sure your response answers their questions/concerns.
  • Show Them, Rather than Tell Them, About “How-To’s”
    • Use hands-on demonstration or printed illustrations to give clear direction at the time of the sale.
    • Have instructions/illustrations easily accessible on your website, or in leave-behind documentation, to answer questions.
  • You Don’t Have to Fix Every Problem… but You Can Try
    • While fixing a problem is ideal, just trying to solve it goes a long way.
    • Customers appreciate when you explain why you may not be able to fix a problem.
  • Create a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Page
    • Notice when the same questions are asked, and turn that into an FAQ you can leave behind or post on your website.
    • FAQ documentation provides 24/7 access to clients for answering questions/solving concerns/etc.

Using the support strategies listed above shows customers that you value their business and support them even after the sale.
Source: Allen Weiss, MarketingProfs

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