Consumers Are Highly Receptive to Digital-Out-Of-Home Ads

Recent studies show that consumers welcome Digital-Out-of-Home (DOOH) in their surroundings: it adds to their experiences outside the home, prompts engagement with advertisers’ messages, and increases their intentions to make a purchase. Following are key findings:

DOOH campaigns are regarded as impactful and strong drivers of actions:

  • Two-thirds of consumers said DOOH ads encouraged them to search for more information online and more than one-third visited a website.
  • One-half said DOOH ads encouraged them to make a purchase.

Consumers rank DOOH ads high compared to other media for key attributes:

  • DOOH ads ranked first among consumers for being innovative, memorable and relevant to location.
  • DOOH ads rank high for ads that are entertaining and creative.

DOOH has become an established, welcome element of the consumer experience:

  • A majority of consumers believe DOOH ads feel really current and two-thirds agree that DOOH has become part of the location.
  • Almost two-thirds said that it made their journeys more interesting.

DOOH ads provide information and connectivity:

  • More than three-quarters believe DOOH ads are informative and over half say the ads gave them all the info they needed to make a purchase.
  • One-half say DOOH connects with their social media channels.

“It’s exciting to see how consumers recognize and respond to the… creativity and innovation in DOOH. We have long considered it to be a channel ripe for tools and formats that create engaging experiences and drive impact for brands.” – Dennis Kuperus, global head of innovation and partnerships at Kinetic

Source: The Sightline Global DOOH Survey, conducted by Kantar on behalf of Xaxis and Kinetic, Reported by