Business Owners Optimistic About Marketing/Future

A recent study shows that small-medium sized business owners are growing in their optimism about the future. Customer satisfaction and overall revenue are increasing, while concerns about business issues continue to tick down every year. Following are highlights:

Business owners are feeling confident about their relationships with new and existing customers:

  • Fewer than half are concerned about creating relationships with new customers, down from two-thirds.
  • Concerns have eased around maintaining relationships with existing clients.

Business owners are feeling positive about their products/services:

  • Less than half are concerned about marketing their products/services effectively, down from 6 in 10.
  • Creating new products/services that meet the changing needs of consumers is less of a concern.

With revenues and customer satisfaction increasing
, and concerns trending down, small-medium sized business owners expect their business to be doing better this year.

Source: State of Small Business Report from Verizon, reported by