Boosting Your Online Presence Increases Customer Engagement

Online Presence is Essential in Today’s Digital Media Age.

Below are three steps for creating websites with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – web pages that are search engine and user friendly:


  1. Emphasize Text and Not Graphics
    • Classify pages by text rather than images: an opening page with a picture and two words saying “enter here” will not rank high in searches.
  2. Links to Your Interior Pages Should Be Easily Found by Search Engines
    • Many searches lead to your inner pages rather than your main page, so include text links on these pages to ensure that search engines will find and index you.
  3. Your Keywords Should Appear in Strategic Portions of Your Web Pages
    • • The keyword of your site should appear in the following places of your web pages:
      • a. File Name or the URL
      • b. Title Tag
      • c. Description Tag
      • d. Headlines
      • e. Body Text
      • f. Anchor Text (clickable portion of links on your web page)

These SEO steps will help you develop web pages that are easily understood by visitors, and easily classified and indexed by search engines, such as Google Places, Bing Local, Yahoo Local and Yelp.
Source: Lou Amico, L.A. Management Company, Marketing and Communications

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