Building brand awareness is the foundation of your marketing efforts – sharing your name in the community, and earning trust, can influence consumers’ decision-making and purchases. Following are ways to help measure brand awareness.

1. Branded Search Volume
Monitor the number of searches about your business:

  • The more people who search for your name or variations of it, the more people become aware of your business.
  • Use tools for both organic search results and paid search campaigns.

2. Website Traffic
Measure direct and new traffic to provide insight into your brand’s reach:

  • Direct traffic refers to users who type your website’s URL into their browser.
  • New traffic cites users who visit your site for the first time.

3. Brand Mentions
Chances are good that people are talking about you on the internet:

  • Monitor brand-mentions on social media and online publications.
  • Set up alerts to get notified every time there are new results for your branded search term.

4. Social-Media Engagement
Social media works along with “word-of-mouth”:

  • Understand how well your brand is performing across social-media platforms.
  • Measure reach, impressions, mentions, followers, saves, and engagement, using native analytics¹ or social listening tools² on every social platform.

5. Customer Feedback
Satisfied customers are more likely to recommend you to others:

  • Good reviews indicate that your business is leaving a positive impression on your customers.
  • Less positive reviews highlight opportunities for improvement.

Understand how visible your brand is to your potential customers – from your website to social media to your customer’s entire purchase journey – and your efforts should transform into better customer engagement and increased revenue.


¹Native analytics: built into the back end of social platforms to provide insights on your following and engagement, and the performance of your content. (

²Social listening tools: software that allows users to monitor, track, and analyze social media conversations. (

Source: Young Entrepreneur Council@YEC; Solomon Thimothy, president of OneIMS