Digital-out-of-home (DOOH) has been dominating advertising news with key trends and innovative technology. Following are the top five stories:

1. What’s driving the digital-out-of-home market?

  • Advertisers realize the value of trading static images for digital, delivering content that responds to the audience directly.
  • Two factors driving the expanding DOOH market are improved targeting and dynamic content — content that is continually updated¹.

2. Eye tracking tech delivers DOOH ads:

    • Dynamic content has the potential to engage audiences in a deep way because it addresses customers’ needs.
    • Displays can track users’ eyes to deliver content.


3. Three ways to bring DOOH content to life:

  • Out-of-home continues to outpace other traditional advertising, fueled by the fast growth in DOOH.
  • Three basic tips for DOOH: adding motion, delivering contextual content and carefully handling the timing.

4. Businesses are using big data to deliver the best DOOH experience for customers:

  • Big data is information that is analyzed to reveal patterns, trends, and associations relating to human behavior and interactions.²
  • The key to using big data is to offer good deals and a good product. It’s about the customer’s journey, not just the aggregated data.

5. Three tips for successful indoor digital signage:

  • When you deploy digital signage indoors, consider factors such as space, branding and messaging.
  • To be successful, have key strategies in place for all three factors.

When delivering digital signage experiences, experts recommend focusing on broader audiences, which will lead to increased sales and brand awareness.

Source:, reported by Bradley Cooper; ¹; ²Google dictionary