Local businesses have to work hard to succeed. They need to reach new customers in their community while building and maintaining an excellent reputation. Digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising, such as billboards and gas pump screens, is a good way to reach people in your community. However, many DOOH options are expensive and don’t reach many people at one time. There’s also no control over what content your ad might run next to, which can damage your reputation.

MVN is a proven effective, brand-safe DOOH network for your local business. Our screens are in motor vehicle and government office agencies across the country, such as the DMV, RMV, MVA, Driver Services, Tax Collectors, and many more! All content and advertisers are vetted and approved by the state government, assuring your ads will only run with safe, high quality content. You also get category exclusivity, so your competitors will not be able to reach the same audience that you do when you’re on MVN. Unlike other DOOH options, MVN has a captive audience with a high user engagement level. Our displays integrate the ticketing and queuing information for each office, so customers have to watch MVN screens for their number to be called. The wait time for these offices means everyone will see your ad, often multiple times. And, MVN is affordable, with a plan for every budget. Give us a call at 1-800-922-9933 or fill out the form below to see how easy, effective and affordable it is to reach new customers where it matters most.

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